Thought Leadership

December 2018Know the Law: Defining Workplace HousingChristopher Swiniarski
December 2018Time to Zone in On Qualified Opportunity FundsAudrey G. Young
November 2018Clear Smear: The Fight Against Negative Online ReviewsMichael E. Strauss
November 2018Investigating “He Said She Said” ClaimsRachel Adams Ladeau
November 2018Can a Business Operate Legally with Only Exempt Employees? The Employee Classification Corn MazeCharla Bizios Stevens
November 2018Arbitration Provisions for Cross Border ContractsMichael B. Tule
November 2018Time to Zone In On Qualified Opportunity FundsAudrey G. Young
November 2018Everything Is Not Terminator: Public-Facing Artificial Intelligence Policies - Part 1John Weaver
November 2018Call Me By My Name: Gender Identity and Evolving Dynamics on Campus (presentation at TABS Annual Conference, 11/30/18)Susan E. Schorr
November 2018Fix Your Obsolete Estate PlanChristopher R. Paul
October 2018The NLRB's New Proposed Rule Seeks to Bring Stability to the Joint Employer Standard Under the National Labor Relations ActNicholas F. Casolaro
October 2018Know the Law: Legal Fees Generally Aren't RecoverableJeremy T. Walker
October 2018On First Anniversary of #metoo EEOC Reports an Increase in Sexual Harassment ClaimsCharla Bizios Stevens
October 2018Retaliation Remains Top Concern for Employers Today - Will Your Managers Recognize It When They See It?Jennifer L. Parent
October 2018Know the Law: Who Owns Intellectual Property Created by Employees?Scott C. Rand
October 2018Guidelines For Legal and Effective InterviewingJennifer L. Parent
September 2018South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., Supreme Court Changes the Rules for Sales Tax CollectionBeth L. Fowler, John E. Rich, Jr.
September 2018NLRB Reverses Course on Standard for Evaluating Employee Handbook RulesRachel Adams Ladeau
September 2018Know the Law: Applying for a STEM ExtensionRamey D. Sylvester
September 2018If You're a Shareholder of a NH S Corp, You Might Be Making a MistakeJohn M. Cunningham
September 2018Everything Is Not Terminator: We Need the California Bot Bill, But We Need It to Be BetterJohn Weaver
September 2018Oh the Places We Will Go! Managing Off Campus Activities (presentation at McLane Middleton, 9/25/18)Susan E. Schorr
September 2018The BUILD Act: Revisions to Environmental Due Diligence and Brownfields Affect Who is Liable and HowMichael J. Quinn
September 2018Know the Law: Can I Record Conversations at Work?Adam M. Hamel
August 2018Omarosa's Secret Workplace Recordings Would Have Been Illegal If They Were Made In MassachusettsAdam M. Hamel
August 2018What to Make of the Masterpiece Cakeshop CaseRachel Adams Ladeau
August 2018Developments on the Massachusetts Non-Compete FrontAndrew P. Botti
August 2018Know the Law: Employees and Their Personnel File RightsJacqueline A. Botchman
August 2018Know the Law: Offering Parental Leave to EmployeesCharla Bizios Stevens
August 2018PODCAST: Jennifer Parents talks about the National Conference of Bar Presidents and their focus on leadership, innovation, and collaboration (8/7/2018)Jennifer L. Parent
August 2018S Corp Shareholders Take NoteJohn M. Cunningham
August 2018What Every Business Lawyer Should Know About the New IRC SectionJohn M. Cunningham
August 2018Non-Compete Reform Bill Set to Become LawAndrew P. Botti
July 2018Know the Law: Legal Steps to Take After Winning the LotteryChristopher R. Paul
July 2018The Massachusetts Equal Pay Act: What Employers Need to KnowAndrew P. Botti
July 2018Know the Law: Knowing the "Safe School Zones" LawBenjamin B. Folsom
July 2018Everything is Not Terminator: The Search and Seizure of AI Devices and Programs Under the Fourth AmendmentJohn Weaver
July 2018Impressive Treatise for the Federal Court LitigatorJennifer L. Parent
July 2018Know the Law: What Do I Need to Know As Power of Attorney for My Mom?Lexi S. Cote
June 2018A Crisis is Coming: Is Your Board on Board?David Wolowitz
June 2018How One IRS Change Could Impact NH Small BusinessesJohn M. Cunningham
June 2018Independent Schools and the Evolving Standard of Care (presentation at NBOA Business Officer Institute, 6/20/18)Susan E. Schorr
June 2018Reviewing the Court's Ruling on Worker Class ActionsJennifer L. Parent
June 2018Applying the First Amendment to Artificial IntelligenceJohn Weaver
June 2018Do "Vandals" Have Protectable Copyrights In Street Art?Catherine S. Yao
June 2018Know the Law: Discussing Your Salary at WorkAlexandra L. Geiger
June 2018Everything is Not Terminator: Using State Law Against Deceptive AI's Use of Personal DataJohn Weaver
June 2018Know the Law: Can I Put Home in a Revocable Trust?Christopher Swiniarski
May 2018Know the Law: Federal Rules for Youth WorkersJacqueline A. Botchman
May 2018The Pass-Through Business Income DeductionSteven M. Burke, Catherine H. Hines
May 20185 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Accounting PracticeJohn D. Colucci
May 2018Know the Law: Don't be afraid to have case tried by juryAshley B. Campbell
May 2018Everything Is Not Terminator: America's First AI LegislationJohn Weaver
April 2018The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is in Effect: Is Your Company in Compliance?Charla Bizios Stevens
April 2018Social Media Reviews: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (presentation at Cummings and Manchester Chamber, 4/24/18)Michael E. Strauss, Jeremy T. Walker
April 2018Know the Law: Rules for Young WorkersJacqueline A. Botchman
April 2018Things You May Not Have Thought of When Evaluating Host Families (presentation at TABS/NAIS Global Symposium, 4/16/18)Susan E. Schorr
April 2018Sexual Harassment in the Age of #MeToo: Time to Take a Fresh Look at Workplace TrainingCharla Bizios Stevens
April 2018East Meets West: Local and National Legal Trends to Follow or Avoid (presentation at NAIS' Annual Conference, 3/8/18)Susan E. Schorr
April 2018Know the Law: Using Temp Workers Can Create UncertaintyJennifer L. Parent
March 2018Know the Law: Beware of Online Copyright TrollsJeremy T. Walker
March 2018Using an Advisory Board as a Planning ToolSteven M. Burke, Catherine H. Hines
March 2018Department of Labor’s New Guidance on Unpaid Internship Provides More Flexibility for EmployersAdam M. Hamel
March 2018Guide to Wills and Estate PlanningCaitlin G. McCurdy
March 2018Know the Law: Preventing Unfair Behavior ClaimsRachel Adams Ladeau
March 2018Watch NH Business: Gig Economy (interview on WMUR, 3/11/2018)Jennifer L. Parent
February 2018Highlights of Benefits and Compensation Changes in the 2017 Tax ActJohn E. Rich, Jr.
February 2018Know the Law: Buying Art Doesn't Mean You Own RightsCatherine S. Yao
February 2018Data Security Threats EvolveCameron G. Shilling
February 2018European Privacy Regulations Cross the AtlanticCameron G. Shilling
February 2018Opioids, Marijuana and Substance Abuse Issues Present Both Familiar and Groundbreaking Challenges to EmployersCharla Bizios Stevens
February 2018Know the Law: Can We Establish a STABLE Account for My Son?Christopher R. Paul
February 2018New EPA Enforcement Guidance Emphasizes Deference to StatesMichael J. Quinn
February 2018Everything is Not Terminator: The Importance of Regulating AI As Soon As PossibleJohn Weaver
January 2018Know the Law: Key Commercial Lease Terms Tenants Should Consider (January 2018)Laura B. Dodge
January 2018Know the Law: H-1B Visa Changes Raise QuestionsShiva Karimi
January 2018New Hampshire’s Opioid Crisis Continues to Challenge EmployersCharla Bizios Stevens
January 2018The Risk of Member DeadlockJohn M. Cunningham
January 2018Why Robots Deserve Free Speech RightsJohn Weaver
January 2018Is the Grass Really Greener? The Evolving Landscape of Employment and Enrollment Contracts (presentation at NBOA Now, 11/15/17 and NBOA Webinar, 1/11/18)Susan E. Schorr, Charla Bizios Stevens
January 2018Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For Your Growing Business?Jesse S. Angeley
January 2018Mysteries of Metadata: What to Watch Out For in Commercial Litigation CasesDawn Gagnon, CEDS, Jennifer L. Parent
January 2018Anti-Hacking and Privacy Laws Provide Strong Protections and Strict Limitations for BusinessCameron G. Shilling
January 2018Should Independent Schools Have Anti-Texting Policies Between Faculty and Students?David Wolowitz
January 2018Know the Law: Mom Doesn't Have a Will, Can No Longer Prepare OneCaitlin G. McCurdy
December 2017Opioid Crisis Challenges EmployersCharla Bizios Stevens
December 2017Data Security Threats Evolve: Are You and Your Business Evolving Too?Cameron G. Shilling
December 2017Know the Law: The Sun is Shining on Small Scale Solar in New Hampshire, For NowRebecca S. Walkley
December 2017Everything is Not Terminator: AI Today is the Wireless Industry in the 1990sJohn Weaver
December 2017Case Summary: Ajemian v. Yahoo!, Inc.Bradford N. Vezina
December 2017In the Era of #MeToo, It’s Time for Employers to Take a Fresh Look at Sexual Harassment TrainingCharla Bizios Stevens
December 2017Know the Law: What Are My Rights to Challenge a Site Plan Application?Lexi S. Cote
November 2017LLCs and Tax Reduction: What Members Can Do to Avoid Social Security and Medicare Taxes?John M. Cunningham
November 2017Know the Law: Make Sure Business' Social Media Marketing is LegalMichael E. Strauss
November 2017New Law Changes Treatment of Trust Interest in DivorceJacqueline A. Botchman
November 2017What Exactly Does It Mean to Give a Robot Citizenship?John Weaver
November 2017As It Turns Out, New Sources of Energy Are Blowing in the WindGregory H. Smith
November 2017Truth in Tuition Lending: Understanding Compliance with TILA (NBOA's Net Assets, November 2017)Susan E. Schorr
October 2017Know the Law: Protect Your Company From Waste LiabilityViggo C. Fish
October 2017The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to Expand Workplace Protections for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers in MassachusettsAlexandra L. Geiger
October 2017Know the Law: Behavior Outside the Workplace is Hard to RegulateCharla Bizios Stevens
October 2017Financing of Not-for-Profit Organizations and Securities LawsDick A. Samuels
October 2017Know the Law: Beyond Equifax - Protect YourselfCameron G. Shilling
October 2017Understanding Certificates of InsuranceDavid K. Moynihan
September 2017Know the Law: Instagram Post Cause for Firing?Rachel Adams Ladeau
September 2017Know the Law: Tips for Handling Assets from Wine CellarBradford N. Vezina
August 2017Know the Law: Powers of Appointment Add Flexibility in TrustsLinda R. Garey
July 2017Know the Law: Can Workers Be Disciplined for Off-Duty Contact?Jennifer L. Parent
July 2017Deciding When to Disclose the Names of Teachers Involved in Educator Sexual MisconductWilbur A. Glahn, III, David Wolowitz
July 2017Know the Law: Colors Can Become Trademarks for SomeJeremy T. Walker
July 2017Reviewing Whistleblower LawsJennifer L. Parent
July 2017Know the Law: Neighbors Can Agree on Lake Shore AccessAshley B. Campbell
June 20173 Big Trademark Considerations for StartupsCatherine S. Yao
June 2017Beware of Facilitating Counterfeiting and Trademark InfringementJeremy T. Walker
June 2017Managing a Multi-State WorkforceCharla Bizios Stevens
June 2017Know the Law: Medical Exams Under the ADABenjamin B. Folsom
May 2017Understanding Certificates of InsuranceDavid K. Moynihan
May 2017Are You and Your Clients Data Security Compliant?Cameron G. Shilling
May 2017Know the Law: Employees, Migraines and Work AttendanceCharla Bizios Stevens
May 2017NH Accessory Dwelling Unit Law Prompts Municipal Action (May 2017)Laura B. Dodge
May 2017Ruling Addresses Gender Bias: Federal court extends Title VII protection to sexual orientationAlexandra L. Geiger
May 2017Know the Law: Realtors, Lenders, and Marketing Services AgreementsRamey D. Sylvester
May 2017Artificial Intelligence Owes You an ExplanationJohn Weaver
April 2017Know the Law: Domain, Trademark - Two Different ThingsCatherine S. Yao
April 2017Policies and Training Critical in Managing Digital PrivacyCameron G. Shilling
April 2017Know the Law: Preparing for a 'Border Adjustment Tax'Catherine H. Hines
March 2017Legal and Practical Issues to Consider When Using TwitterbotsJohn Weaver
March 2017Navigating In Terrorem Clauses: Guidance from Hallett v. HallettRalph F. Holmes
March 2017Nonprofits and Property Income: Renting to the wrong entity could result in a tax liabilityScott H. Harris
March 2017Know the Law: How Do Properties Transfer with No Will or Trust?Ashley B. Campbell
February 2017EPA Brings Self-Disclosure Process into the 21st Century, Adding More TransparencyGregory H. Smith
February 2017Ending the Dreaded Basis Step-Up Addition StatuteBeth L. Fowler
February 2017New Deferred Compensation Rules Provide Greater Flexibility to Tax Exempt EmployersJohn E. Rich, Jr.
February 2017Accountants Face Significant Cyber RiskCameron G. Shilling, Ramey D. Sylvester
February 2017Know the Law: Options Available for Using 'Green' PowerViggo C. Fish
February 2017Professional Service Companies Face Significant Cyber RiskCameron G. Shilling
February 2017Know the Law: Beware the 'Evergreen Clause,' Automatic RenewalSteven J. Dutton
January 2017Preparing Your School For More Effective Crisis Response: Two Essential Organizational PrerequisitesDavid Wolowitz
January 2017Transferring Your Wealth While IRS-Allowed Discounts Are Still AvailableSteven M. Burke, Linda R. Garey
January 2017You Want More Time Off? Dealing With Employee Disability Leave RequestsJennifer L. Parent
January 20172017 Industry Forecast: Legal ServicesCharla Bizios Stevens
January 2017Know the Law: The ADA and Mental Health ConditionsNicholas F. Casolaro
December 2016EEOC Focusing on Gig EconomyJennifer L. Parent
December 2016What Does It Really Take to Be Data Security Compliant?Cameron G. Shilling
December 2016Know the Law: Who is liable for data breach?Ramey D. Sylvester
December 2016Federal Judge Denies $100 Million Class-Action Settlement Between Uber and DriversJennifer L. Parent
November 2016Know the Law: Is my employee entitled to medical leave?Alexandra L. Geiger
October 2016Know the Law: Employee May Still Be Eligible for Vacation TimeCharla Bizios Stevens
October 2016New Massachusetts Pay Equity Law Has Something for EveryoneAndrew R. Hamilton
October 2016Your Candidate Said What? - How to Mitigate the Potential Negative Effects of Political Discussion in the WorkplaceNicholas F. Casolaro
October 2016Accounting for Attorneys' Fees: Why the 'American rule' requires that each side in a case almost always pays its ownScott H. Harris
October 2016You Want More Time Off? How to deal with employee disability leave requests.Jennifer L. Parent
September 2016Know the Law: New Rules Make it Easier for Professionals to Use DronesJohn Weaver
September 2016New Federal Partnership Audit Rules Could Be Trouble for NH LLCsJohn M. Cunningham
September 2016EPA Updates Implementation of Self-Disclosure PoliciesGregory H. Smith
September 2016Can Your Employees Sue for Caregiver Discrimination?Charla Bizios Stevens
September 2016Know the Law: Lawsuit Jurisdiction Depends on Many FactorsJeremy T. Walker
September 2016Closing the Pay Gap? EEOC Seeks to Expand Reporting Data to Cover Wage DiscriminationJennifer L. Parent
September 2016IRS Troubles for Partnerships?John M. Cunningham
August 2016Know the Law: Exploitation of Elderly Can Begin with Modest GiftsRalph F. Holmes
August 2016A Call for National Uniform Standards for Paralegals (August 2016 - New Hampshire Bar News)Anikó Bouley
August 2016Employers Caught in the Crossfire in the “Bathroom Wars”Adam M. Hamel
August 2016Know the Law: How Can I Start Protecting My Trademark?Catherine S. Yao
August 2016Know the Law: When Do You Need a CWA Permit?Rebecca S. Walkley
July 2016The Red Sox, Mr. Ritz, and Fraudulent TransfersChristopher M. Dube
July 2016You’ve Come A Long Way Baby???? What Does Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson’s Lawsuit Tell Us About the State of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?Charla Bizios Stevens
July 2016The NH Legislature's Common-Sense Change to Tax LawJohn M. Cunningham
July 2016The Benefits of LLC Ownership of Vacation HomesKara E. Dougherty
July 2016Robot, Do You Know Why I Stopped You?John Weaver
July 2016Know the Law: What Are My Current Options for Raising Capital?John Bentas
June 2016The ABCs of IPCatherine S. Yao
June 2016Know the Law: What is a Tax Matters Partner?Catherine H. Hines
May 2016Why the Granite State Rocks at Trust AdministrationSteven M. Burke
May 2016Know the Law: Set House Rules with LLC StatusKara E. Dougherty
May 2016Defending Against Workplace ViolenceCharla Bizios Stevens
April 2016The ACA's 30-Hour Threshold: Federal courts consider whether employers can reduce employees’ hours to avoid cost of health careJohn E. Rich, Jr.
April 2016Know the Law: Addressing gender identity at workplaceLinda S. Johnson
March 2016Millennial Engagement in the Workplace - Adjusting for a New GenerationJennifer L. Parent, Charla Bizios Stevens
March 2016Yellow Flags Disrupted the NFL's High-Profile Investigation of Deflated FootballsMichael A. Delaney
March 2016Responding to Reports of Sexual Abuse of Students, Past and Present – The Convergence of Attitudes and ExpectationsDavid Wolowitz
March 2016Paralegals Are Key to the Success of Law Firms (March 2016 - New Hampshire Bar News)Anikó Bouley
March 2016Decanting Irrevocable Trusts in NH: Tips and Recent DevelopmentsLinda R. Garey, William V.A. Zorn
March 2016The Morass of Bourassa: Finding A Way OutRalph F. Holmes
March 2016Know the Law: Bankruptcy Code Helps to Recover Previous PaymentsSteven J. Dutton
March 2016EPA Brings Self-Disclosure Process into 21st Century, Adding More TransparencyGregory H. Smith
February 2016Know the Law: Company Concerned Over Zika VirusCharla Bizios Stevens
February 2016ABA Delegates Pass Model GuidelinesJennifer L. Parent
February 2016Section Connection: TPP Negotiator Presents at Joint Section MeetingDennis J. Haley, Jr.
February 2016Risk and the Corporate ‘Shield’Scott H. Harris
February 2016Know the Law: Several Ways to Qualify for a Cap-Exempt H-1B VisaShiva Karimi
February 2016Know the Law: Arbitration Clause Depends on Particular SituationJeremy T. Walker
January 2016Learn How to Grab the Next BranchScott H. Harris
January 20162015’s Top 10 Wage and Hour ViolationsCharla Bizios Stevens
January 2016New Laws That Will Affect How You Do BusinessPatrick C. Closson, Charla Bizios Stevens
January 2016Know the Law: Is Your Company Ready for a Litigation Hold?Jennifer L. Parent
December 2015Know the Law: Wellness Programs Can Face Legal ScrutinyNicholas F. Casolaro
December 2015The Use of Synthetic Equity for Start Up BusinessesJohn E. Rich, Jr.
December 2015Tackling Misleading AdsScott H. Harris
November 2015Know the Law: Drawbacks to Owning Property JointlyLinda R. Garey
November 2015The Curious Case of Workplace DNA TestingNicholas F. Casolaro
November 2015Ongoing Duty of Retirement Plan Fiduciaries to Monitor Plan Investments - Confirmed by the United States Supreme CourtJohn E. Rich, Jr.
November 2015On MentoringGeorge L. Cushing
October 2015BYOD: Has Your Company Addressed Its Privacy and Data Security Risks?Cameron G. Shilling
September 2015Know the Law: Should I Buy into This Franchise?Anthony Delyani
September 2015OSHA Announces Focus on Safety for Healthcare Workers in Inpatient Facilities: What Does This Mean for the Average Healthcare Employer?Charla Bizios Stevens
September 2015Mildly Contaminated Dirt Developing State Soil Reuse RegulationMichael J. Quinn, Gregory H. Smith
September 2015Know the Law: Who Is Liable for Chip-Based Credit Card Fraud?Cameron G. Shilling
September 2015Are They Contractors?Charla Bizios Stevens
August 2015Know the Law: Trust can protect assets from creditorsChristopher R. Paul
August 2015Know the Law: Conservation Easements: A good idea?Alexandra T. Breed
August 2015Before the Sale: Tax Planning for Business OwnersCatherine H. Hines
August 2015Umbrella Coverage, Come Rain or Shine: Explaining the concept of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverageScott H. Harris
August 2015To Infinity and Beyond: Challenges with Unlimited PTOCharla Bizios Stevens
August 2015Know the Law: Documents Every College Student Should Consider Before Leaving HomeLinda R. Garey
July 2015The ongoing monitoring duty of fiduciaries - Supreme Court rules retirement plans must have vigorous reviews of investment decisionsJohn E. Rich, Jr.
July 2015Know the Law: How Does an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Work?John Bentas
June 2015Know the Law: The New Hampshire Interest and Dividends TaxCatherine H. Hines
June 2015When Must An Employer Pay Employees for Travel Time?Alexandra L. Geiger
May 2015Know the Law: Make an Investment, Get a VisaShiva Karimi
May 2015Paying Wages to Foreign NationalsShiva Karimi
May 2015When the courts are used to 'get even' - There are two types of claims where the civil legal process has been misusedScott H. Harris
April 2015State Laws and Federal Initiatives Focus on 'Women's Issues'Charla Bizios Stevens
April 2015Know The Law: Accommodating a Disabled EmployeeDianne E. Ricardo
March 2015Dirty Dirt, Developing State Soil Reuse RegulationGregory H. Smith
March 2015SCOTUS Issues Ruling on Accommodation of Pregnant EmployeesCharla Bizios Stevens
March 2015Elder, Estate Planning & Probate Law: Making Trusts Beneficiaries of Qualified Retirement AccountsWilliam V.A. Zorn
March 2015Lifetime Gifting to Reduce Massachusetts Estate TaxRyan J. Swartz
March 20155 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Business Succession PlanJohn D. Colucci
March 2015Know The Law: Anti-Kickback StatuteSteven J. Dutton
March 2015Developing the Leader in YouJennifer L. Parent
February 2015Know The Law: Ignoring a SubpoenaJeremy T. Walker
February 2015EEOC Refocuses on Pregnancy DiscriminationCharla Bizios Stevens
February 2015Legacy Giving: Tax Considerations for Sustained PhilanthropyLinda R. Garey, William V.A. Zorn
February 2015Know The Law: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964Andrew R. Hamilton
February 2015Know the Law: Investing in an LLC versus a CorporationJohn Bentas
January 2015Five Employment Law Topics on the Radar in 2015Nicholas F. Casolaro
January 2015Know The Law: H-1B VisasShiva Karimi
January 2015Hey HR: What Keeps You Up At Night?Jennifer L. Parent, Charla Bizios Stevens
January 2015Business NH Magazine 2015 Industry ForecastDick A. Samuels
January 2015Know the Law: Starting a Business TogetherAnthony Delyani
December 2014Who Are You Keeping Company With These Days? Understanding Association Discrimination in the WorkplaceJennifer L. Parent
December 2014Know The Law: Naming Your Revocable Trust as BeneficiaryChristopher R. Paul
December 2014Tips for Selecting a Jury for Your Corporate ClientJennifer L. Parent
December 2014Dealing with Discoverable Documents in the Digital AgeBruce W. Felmly
December 2014Know The Law: Reducing Your Taxes Before the End of the YearAmy E. Drake
November 2014Where You Live May Not Be Where You're DomiciledScott H. Harris
November 2014Know The Law: E-Cigarettes at WorkAdam M. Hamel
October 2014New Non-Compete Law Is an Imperfect FixCameron G. Shilling
September 2014Changes to Assessment Standards: What You Need to KnowMichael J. Quinn
September 2014SB 245 Changes SEC Composition and ProceduresAdam M. Dumville, Barry Needleman
September 2014Know The Law: How Should I Respond to a Claim of Patent Infringement?Scott C. Rand
September 2014Recent Changes to New Hampshire's Trust Laws Are Good for Trustees and Our State EconomyWilliam V.A. Zorn
September 2014HIPAA One Year Later: Is Your Law Firm Complying?Charla Bizios Stevens
September 2014How Telecommuting Could Be Emerging as a "Reasonable Accommodation" for Disabled Employees Under the Americans with Disabilities ActNicholas F. Casolaro
September 2014Know The Law: Know Your Rights When Dealing With Debt CollectorsAndrew R. Hamilton
August 2014New Law Bodes Well for N.H. Trust ServicesWilliam V.A. Zorn
August 2014Arbitration Has An Upside, But There Are DrawbacksScott H. Harris
August 2014Arbitration - Panacea or Pitfall?Scott H. Harris
July 2014The Psychology of MediationScott H. Harris
July 2014Trust Code Revisions Enhance New Hampshire's PositionWilliam V.A. Zorn
July 2014A Co-Worker's Discriminatory Sabotage of Another Employee Can Result in Employer LiabilityJennifer L. Parent
July 2014Know the Law: Do We Need an Estate PlanAlexandra T. Breed
July 2014Physician, Heal Thyself: Health Care Providers Continue to be at Significant Risk for Discrimination Claims and Employee LawsuitsCharla Bizios Stevens
July 2014Know the Law: Is Employing Summer Interns Risky Business?Jennifer L. Parent
July 2014Managing Risk Efficiently with a Multi-State WorkforceCharla Bizios Stevens
May 2014Know The Law: Copyright ProtectionJeremy T. Walker
May 2014Assisting Clients Who Are Victims of Identity TheftPatrick C. Closson, Beth L. Fowler
May 2014When Does My Client Need a Tax Attorney?Peter D. Anderson, Steven M. Burke, Beth L. Fowler, John E. Rich, Jr., Richard M. Stone
May 2014Dealing With Internet DefamationScott H. Harris
April 2014Know the Law: Having Your Estate Plan Reviewed by an In-State Attorney Ensures Your Wishes Are Carried Out After a MoveDenis P. Dillon
April 2014Changes to the Business Corp. Act are in Effect - Do Your Company's Bylaws Need Updating?Patrick C. Closson
April 2014Religious Garb and Grooming in the WorkplaceAndrew R. Hamilton
April 2014Litigation Lessons: When Closely Held Business Owners DisagreeScott H. Harris
April 2014Federal Agencies and The Executive Branch Shaping Workplace PolicyCharla Bizios Stevens
April 2014What Is In Your Food? The Genetically Modified Food Labeling DebateChristopher M. Dube
March 2014Know The Law: What to do When a Customer Files for BankruptcySteven J. Dutton
March 2014Know The Law: Your Company's Social Media Policy - Fair or Foul?Charla Bizios Stevens
March 2014Is Your Business a Data Breach Away from Disaster?Cameron G. Shilling
February 2014ESOPS: A Tax-Efficient Way to Reward Employees and Provide Liquidity For Shareholders and Are a Path to Personal and Business Security that Deserve Your Serious ConsiderationJohn Bentas, Steven M. Burke, Beth L. Fowler
February 2014Is An Employee On The Clock While Getting Dressed in Work Gear?Charla Bizios Stevens
February 2014Know The Law: Raising Capital to Grow Your BusinessMichael B. Tule
February 2014Know the Law: Legal Obligations to In-Home CaregiversJennifer L. Parent
February 2014ESOPs: The Last Great Tax Shelter for Business Owners Looking to SellJohn Bentas, Steven M. Burke, Beth L. Fowler
February 2014Is My 90 Year Old Mother an Employer?Jennifer L. Parent
February 2014Know the Law: Copyright Infringement or Legal Fair Use?Jeremy T. Walker
January 2014Best Practices for Using Payroll Debit Cards with Your WorkforceNicholas F. Casolaro
January 2014Fostering a Fair Workplace Environment: Employee Training is a NecessityCharla Bizios Stevens
January 2014It's Time for the Sex TalkCharla Bizios Stevens
December 2013Dealing with Whistleblowers and Avoiding Retaliation ClaimsScott H. Harris
December 2013SHH! Managing Confidentiality in SettlementsBruce W. Felmly, Jennifer L. Parent
December 2013Updates to the NH Business Corporation ActPatrick C. Closson
December 2013Mandatory Reporting Laws & Schools: Making Sense Out of DisorderDavid Wolowitz
November 2013Controlling the Fox in the Hen House: Minimizing the Risk of Employment Claims by Training SupervisorsCharla Bizios Stevens
November 2013How to Keep Online Holiday Shopping from Invading Your WorkplaceJennifer L. Parent
November 2013Non-Solicitation Agreements Really Do Have TeethCameron G. Shilling
October 2013Know The Law: When Will Self-Driving Cars be Legal in New Hampshire?John Weaver
October 2013Know The Law: Forming a Board of Managers for a New Hampshire LLCDennis J. Haley, Jr.
September 2013Same-Sex Spousal Benefits: Is Your Business in Compliance with the Recent Federal Ruling?John E. Rich, Jr.
September 2013Allocating Insurance for Environmental Contamination ClaimsMark C. Rouvalis
September 2013Know The Law: Raising Capital Under SEC Rule 506John Bentas
September 2013Are You The Boss Of Me? The Supreme Court Speaks Out On Supervisor LiabilityCharla Bizios Stevens
September 2013Using Criminal Background Checks in Hiring Process is Risky Business for EmployersNicholas F. Casolaro
August 2013What Direction Is The Wind Blowing?Gregory H. Smith
August 2013Supreme Court Holds Stricter Standard of Proof in Title VII Retaliation CasesJennifer L. Parent
July 2013Know The Law: Legal Considerations of Doing Business in the CloudPatrick C. Closson
July 2013Nitrogen Discharges to Great Bay: Deadline for Public Comment ImminentMichael J. Quinn
July 2013Revisiting Non-Competition Agreements in New Hampshire: Recent Legal Developments Require Care and PrecisionCameron G. Shilling
July 2013Know The Law: Limited Liability CompanyJohn Bentas
July 2013Substance Abuse in the WorkplaceCharla Bizios Stevens
June 2013Know The Law: Do Salaried Employees in New Hampshire Qualify for Overtime?Jennifer L. Parent
June 2013The Final HIPAA Rule Has Been Issued: Should Employers Care?Charla Bizios Stevens
May 2013Qualified Disclaimers: A Trap for the Unwary New Hampshire Real Estate LawyerRolf Goodwin, Robert A. Wells
May 2013International Contract Dispute Resolution - It Pays To Plan AheadMichael B. Tule
May 2013Why Businesses Should Take a Hard Look at Telecommuting There Are No Glaring Legal Risks in Allowing Workers to TelecommuteNicholas F. Casolaro
May 2013The Revised New Hampshire Limited Liability Company ActJohn Bentas
May 2013Stop Watching the Clock - Why Your Business Needs to be Flexible to SucceedCharla Bizios Stevens
April 2013Know The Law: Providing Health Coverage to Employees Under the Affordable Care ActJohn E. Rich, Jr.
April 2013Sexual Stereotyping is Prohibited in the WorkplaceJennifer L. Parent
April 2013Know The Law: Same-Sex Couple's Estate PlansAlexandra T. Breed
April 2013Who Owns Your Social Media Account and Connections?Jennifer L. Parent
April 2013Employment Law 2013: It's All About TechnologyJennifer L. Parent
April 2013New England Startups: Wondering What's Happening With Crowdfunding Under the JOBS Act?Michael B. Tule
March 2013Know The Law: Title Insurance Protects Against DefectsRolf Goodwin
March 2013Honesty is the Best Employee PolicyNicholas F. Casolaro
March 2013Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative: Time is of the EssencePeter D. Anderson, Richard M. Stone
March 2013Five Important Ethical Considerations in Estate PlanningJohn E. Hughes
March 2013The Demise of DOMA?Alexandra T. Breed, Christopher R. Paul
March 2013Know The Law: Drug Testing in the WorkplaceCharla Bizios Stevens
March 2013Financier World Wide article: Outlook for ESOPS in 2013Steven M. Burke
February 2013What Health Care Reform Means for New Hampshire Employers in 2013 and 2014John E. Rich, Jr.
February 2013Prorating Pay When a Salaried Employee is Terminated for CauseLinda S. Johnson
February 2013IRS Cracks Down on Undisclosed Foreign AccountsPeter D. Anderson, Richard M. Stone
February 2013Know The Law: Obligation to Report Elderly Financial Exploitation?Scott H. Harris
February 2013Siting For Success: Using a Trial-Based Approach to Improve a Project's Chances Before State Siting BoardsBarry Needleman
January 2013New Hampshire Legislature Amends Criteria for Determining Independent Contractor StatusCharla Bizios Stevens
January 2013Know The Law: Top HR Concerns for New Hampshire Small Businesses?Charla Bizios Stevens
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April 2004Showing Compliance With Employment Eligibility Verification RequirementsThomas W. Hildreth
March 2004Effective Risk Management: Responding To Complaints Of Sexual HarassmentCharla Bizios Stevens
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January 2003New 2003 Federal Tax Bill Offer Better Benefits for BusinessesBeth L. Fowler
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January 2002Sarbanes-Oxley May Apply To Your Company After AllWilbur A. Glahn, III
January 2002Regulatory Update: New Federal Regulations Require Amendments of Your SPCC PlansBarry Needleman
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May 2000Protecting the "look and feel" of your website: Intellectual Property ConsiderationsMark A. Wright
January 2000Subsidiary Vs. Parent: Utility Environmental Contribution Claims Against Historic Holding Company ParentsBarry Needleman
January 2000New law provides favorable tax treatment for successful plaintiffs of unlawful discrimination casesBeth L. Fowler
January 2000The New Hampshire Supreme Court Changes Rules for Shareholder Suits in Closely Held CorporationsWilbur A. Glahn, III
January 2000Limited Liability Companies in New HampshireSteven M. Burke
January 2000Tax Issues With Elder CareJohn E. Rich, Jr.
January 2000Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Trusts: Benefits for Closely Held Businesses and Business OwnersSteven M. Burke
January 2000Protect Your Business From the Consequences of Departing EmployeesDavid Wolowitz
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January 2000What Employers Should Know About New Hampshire's Two Hour Reporting RuleLinda S. Johnson
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January 2000State Unveils Draft Policy On Natural Attenuation of Contaminated SitesGregory H. Smith
January 2000Old Insurance Coverage Protects in "Long Tail" Environmental Liability CasesMichael J. Quinn, Gregory H. Smith
January 2000Water Regulation Coming To The ForefrontGregory H. Smith
January 2000Preparing For And Handling Environmental InspectionsBarry Needleman
January 2000Land Development and Conservation: Why Not Both?Rolf Goodwin
January 2000Sensible Water Policy for New HampshireGregory H. Smith
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January 2000Cease-and-Desist Letters: What to Do When Your Business is Accused Of Patent InfringementJeremy T. Walker
January 20003 Volume Treatise on New Hampshire Probate Law and ProcedureCharles A. DeGrandpre
January 20001 Volume Treatise on New Hampshire Wills, Trusts and GiftsCharles A. DeGrandpre
January 2000International Wills ActCharles A. DeGrandpre
October 1999Global Trademark Strategy - European Community TrademarkMark A. Wright
October 1999Most Residential Real Estate Transactions Now Affected By Federal Lead PaintMichael J. Quinn
October 1999Never Overlook Insurance Coverage For Environmental ClaimsBarry Needleman
October 1999Meta-Tags, Hidden Text, and Initial Interest Confusion: A new wave of trademark infringement cases that owners and operators of websites should know aboutMark A. Wright
October 1999Patentability of Business MethodsMark A. Wright
September 1999Protecting Your Trademark or Service Mark From Infringing Domain NamesMark A. Wright
September 1999Federal Registration of your Trademark or LogoMark A. Wright
February 1999Choosing A Trademark or Corporate LogoMark A. Wright
December 1997Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Water: Private PropertyGregory H. Smith

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