Bob Wells to Present on Formerly Revocable Trusts After the Grantor’s Death

McLane Middleton attorney Robert A. Wells is chairing and presenting at a CLE for the New Hampshire Bar Association called “Fundamentals of Administering Formerly Revocable Trusts After the Grantor’s Death” on November 28, 2017 in Concord, N.H.

This Fundamentals seminar will address the basic steps involved in administering a formerly revocable trust after the grantor’s death until the final distribution of trust assets. Topics for discussion will include: (i) identifying the trustee, (ii) preliminary administrative steps and considerations, (iii) the trustee’s administrative, investment and distribution powers, (iv) the trustee’s duties of care, fairness, impartiality, compliance with the terms of the trust and avoidance of self-dealing, (v) required notices, accountings and income tax due dates, (vi) the meaning of different funding formulas used in trusts, and (vii) the timing of trust distributions. This seminar will also discuss ethical considerations for lawyers serving as trustee.

Bob is a director at McLane Middleton and a member and former chair of the Trusts and Estates Department. He is a frequent lecturer before professional and civic groups on the topics of estate planning and probate law.

Bob can be reached in the firm’s Manchester office at (603) 628-1307 or

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