Consulting and Investigations

We understand that the quality of an investigation will enhance our clients’ efforts to provide a safe and supportive environment and can reduce the expenses of litigation and reputational harm posed by inadequate responses to allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual and other misconduct.

The group has extensive experience investigating and supervising cases involving sexual assault and harassment, boundary violating behavior, reporting and compliance obligations under child protection and school safety laws, new disclosures of past sexual abuse, Title IX violations, and computer-related misconduct.

In addition, the firm handles employment investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment and other forms of misconduct such as embezzlement and theft. Attorneys in the group are drawn from a wide range of subject area expertise, including government, employment, information technology and data forensics, and reporting and disclosure obligations.

We have experience in conducting trauma-informed interviews and coordinating support services for all parties during investigations.


For additional information, contact Brian Garrett, chair of the firm's Education Group.


For additional information, contact Linda Johnson, vice chair of the firm's Education Group.