For Our Eyes Only

Cameron G. Shilling
Director, Litigation Department & Chair of Cybersecurity and Privacy Group
Published: NBOA Net Assets March/April
May 7, 2024

This article is adapted from the white paper, “Practical Strategy for School Compliance with Domestic and International Privacy Laws,” originally developed in collaboration with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).

Domestic and international privacy laws may be complex, but independent schools can adopt a practical strategy for compliance.

Independent schools have been learning about cybersecurity for years, and for good reason. The threats are real, and the consequences can be dire. Privacy, the protection of individuals’ data, is a related but distinct issue, which has been gaining traction since at least 2018, when the European Union adopted General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, a comprehensive privacy law for those nations. Many other countries have followed suit since then, some of the more prominent being the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and (more recently) China.

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