Pro Bono Work

“Working with pro bono clients and assisting them through a maze of legal complications they could not maneuver without you can be among the most challenging and rewarding work an attorney does.  It leaves you with the feeling that you are giving a person or a family help they never would have otherwise received.”
– Andrew R. Hamilton, Director and Chair of the Pro Bono Committee

Since its inception, McLane Middleton has expected and encouraged pro bono work by all of its attorneys. From John McLane to Jack Middleton to the firm’s newest associates today, individual attorneys at the firm take their pro bono responsibilities very seriously. McLane Middleton has a proud heritage of providing legal services to the poor and underprivileged citizens of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As a firm, we regularly look for opportunities to further enhance our efforts.

McLane Middleton was a recipient of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s 2008 Pro Bono Award for distinguished pro bono service.

McLane Middleton’s Pro Bono Policy encourages all our attorneys to annually perform 30 to 50 hours of pro bono service for the underprivileged citizens of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Many of our attorneys exceed that goal.

Our Pro Bono Policy

The firm recognizes and affirms its continuing commitment to undertake pro bono work. The work affords attorneys an opportunity to perform an enormously needed and worthwhile service. The range of pro bono work is broad and includes opportunities for attorneys of all disciplines.

Pro bono work undertaken by the firm is subject to the same standards of attention and professional performance as any other work undertaken by the firm. All McLane Middleton lawyers working on pro bono matters are able to seek advice and assistance from lawyers working in the various specialty areas that may be relevant to the matter in question.

Jack B. Middleton Pro Bono Award

McLane Middleton appreciates the substantial time devoted to pro bono work by its attorneys. In 2004, the firm established the annual Jack B. Middleton Pro Bono Award. This award is given to an individual attorney who has demonstrated commitment to providing legal services to New Hampshire’s poor and underprivileged citizens.

  • 2023 Recipient: Jacqueline A. Leary
  • 2022 Recipient: Scott H. Harris
  • 2021 Recipient: Laura B. Dodge
  • 2020 Recipient: Ramey D. Sylvester
  • 2019 Recipient: Alexandra S. Cote
  • 2018 Recipient: Mark C. Rouvalis
  • 2017 Recipient: Adam M. Hamel
  • 2016 Recipient: Andrew R. Hamilton
  • 2015 Recipient: Dianne E. Ricardo
  • 2014 Recipient: Beth L. Fowler
  • 2013 Recipient: Steven J. Dutton
  • 2012 Recipient: John F. Weaver
  • 2011 Recipient: Patricia Pancioccio
  • 2010 Recipient: Michael Kenison
  • 2009 Recipient: Thomas Hildreth
  • 2008 Recipient: Charla B. Stevens
  • 2007 Recipient: Christopher M. Dube
  • 2006 Recipient: Jeremy Walker
  • 2005 Recipient: Margaret R. Kerouac