McLane Middleton GPS – Government & Public Affairs Consulting

McLane Middleton GPS provides clients with strategic guidance to successfully navigate the complex boundaries of government affairs, communications and public policy. We serve a broad range of clients – including energy and health care companies, educational institutions, advocacy organizations and not-for-profits – who rely on us for creative solutions to help them achieve their goals.

McLane Middleton GPS is able to assist clients with:

Strategic Planning

Good outcomes depend on good strategy. Whether it’s supporting or opposing legislation, driving a particular point of view or message, engaging directly with policymakers and elected officials, or building supportive coalitions, GPS provides expert and bipartisan guidance to help clients achieve their goals.

Message Development and Communications

Effective messaging depends on knowing your audience, but it depends even more on knowing yourself. What are your priorities? Strengths and vulnerabilities? How are you perceived by your target audience? What do your competitors say about you? GPS advisors work closely with clients to focus on these questions, and help craft the words and phrases to communicate effectively with a target audience. At GPS, we know New Hampshire, we’ve led dozens of winning campaigns, and we bring that experience to help clients craft winning messages.

Direct Government Relations

Our bipartisan GPS team advises clients on how to engage effectively with government officials and policymakers, and we also represent clients as registered lobbyists. We have helped clients achieve positive results on some of most significant public policy issues facing our state.

Understanding of State and Federal Funding and Contracting Opportunities

Our GPS advisors have worked at the top levels of State government, and have a deep understanding of the contracting and procurement process. We have represented clients with some of the largest contracts in the State.

Crisis Management

Of course, the best time to build relationships and plan for crisis is before a crisis happens. But when the unexpected crisis occurs, we work with clients to manage messaging, communications and government relations to help stabilize the situation and achieve positive outcomes.


For additional information, contact Joel Maiola, GPS advisor.


For additional information, contact Rich Sigel, GPS advisor.