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McLane Middleton is guided by the principle that attorneys should be active participants in community and professional organizations. Our colleagues are deeply involved in various groups, and also regularly volunteer their time for community service work. We are driven by a sense of purpose that it’s essential to do what we can to improve our communities.

2023 Year-in-Review

Through contributions of time, financial support and pro-bono legal help, our firm is honored to do its part to enhance the lives of our neighbors across New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Click here to view the firm’s community service initiatives during 2023.

John R. McLane, Jr. Community Service Award Winners:

2023: Joan Corey
2022: Brittany Piet
2021: Catherine D. Curtis and Katie Allard
2020: Ashley Lapointe
2019: Deborah L. Locker
2018: Ashley B. Campbell
2017: Lori Sullivan
2016: Michael C. McLean
2015: Brenda Beer
2014: Ann Routos

Leadership New Hampshire Graduates:

Patrick Closson
Adam Dumville
Steve Dutton
Ben Folsom
Whitney Gagnon
Scott Harris
John Hughes
Linda Johnson
Daniel Norris
Ramey Sylvester
Jeremy Walker

To learn more about Leadership New Hampshire, please click here.