McLane Middleton copyright attorneys are experts at advising clients with the development and execution of copyright protection strategies.

McLane Middleton handles numerous areas related to copyright, including software; literary works; advertising and marketing collateral; character designs/logos; photographs; audiovisual works, music; and paintings.

Our well-established copyright practice counsels clients on “fair use,” policing and enforcement of rights, and an array of matters with great emphasis on the following:

  • U.S. registration and foreign protection of copyrighted works
  • Protection of computer software
  • Licensing of copyrighted works
  • Work-for-hire agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Negotiation and handling copyright infringement or ownership disputes/litigation

McLane Middleton has represented successful settlement negotiations on behalf of companies and individuals in connection with copyright infringement claims brought by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a national organization founded by the country’s top software and service providers to combat unlicensed use of software and software piracy, and claims brought by the music industry in connection with illegal music downloads, and various other copyright claims relative to infringement of images and video rights.


For additional information, contact Mark Wright, chair of the firm's Intellectual Property Group.