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McLane Middleton offers multidisciplinary depth and knowledge in all facets of education law. The firm’s education law practice group represents K-12 independent schools and colleges in New England, and provides consultation and training services to schools and school associations nationwide and internationally.

We have extensive experience in understanding and mitigating against all risks facing educational institutions. We thrive when  responding to legal and compliance challenges, always with a school’s own mission and culture in the mix as we partner to problem-solve with our clients.


For additional information, contact Brian Garrett, chair of the firm's Education Group.


For additional information, contact Linda Johnson, vice chair of the firm's Education Group.

Risk Management and Counseling

We provide day-to-day counseling assistance on every aspect of school operations affecting both students and employees. We help our clients with faculty performance management, boundary challenges, leaves of absence, investigations, layoffs and furloughs, and terminations.

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Crisis Response

McLane Middleton is experienced at dealing with virtually every kind of crisis a school might face, including natural disasters and pandemics, to serious misconduct toward students and employees, including alumni reports of sexual abuse that surface in the current day.

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Consulting and Investigations

We understand that the quality of an investigation will enhance our clients’ efforts to provide a safe and supportive environment and can reduce the expenses of litigation and reputational harm posed by inadequate responses to allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual and other misconduct.

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Our education group provides risk management training for administrators, faculty and staff, health center staff and counselors, and students to help prepare them to address the myriad issues that arise during the daily routines at day and boarding schools.

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Expert Witness

Our attorneys serve as expert witnesses in numerous lawsuits involving the duty of care for child safeguarding applicable to youth-serving organizations, including schools, athletic clubs, and religious institutions. Many of these cases involve sexual misconduct by trusted adults, such as educators or coaches. Other cases involve misconduct by peers of children, including hazing, bullying, and other forms of harassment.

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Our attorneys counsel educational institutions on governance matters, including updating bylaws, ensuring compliance with state and federal non-profit regulations and filings, and establishing gift acceptance, conflict of interest, document retention, and whistleblower policies.

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McLane Middleton brings over nine decades of corporate law experience to those matters on which we work for our clients. We represent clients across a broad spectrum of size, complexity, and industry, with their most important corporate law issues, including business formation, corporate governance, complex agreements, capital raising, securities offerings, executive compensation, mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic transactions. Our experience, combined with our industry knowledge, positions us to identify innovative solutions to complex issues.

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Real Estate & Land Use

McLane Middleton’s real estate attorneys make it their mission to know clients’ objectives and focus on their needs to best serve them in completing transactions. With decades of combined experience, McLane Middleton’s knowledgeable real estate attorneys give comprehensive counsel to lenders and borrowers in general, commercial, and construction financing. We deal with loan workouts, land use matters, conservation, and zoning.

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Trusts & Estates

The Trusts & Estates Department at McLane Middleton is designed to meet all of your estate planning needs. We will work with you to devise an estate plan that achieves your goals, and minimizes administrative costs and taxes.

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McLane Middleton understands that taxes directly affect the bottom line of every business.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy

McLane Middleton's Cybersecurity and Privacy Group can help your business manage and address the risks inherent in our digital world. Technology is ingrained in every aspect of our business and personal lives. Society can hardly move fast enough to adopt today's newest technologies before tomorrow's arrive in our workplaces, homes, cars and the palms of our hands. Along with such tremendous new developments come significant new risks.

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Intellectual Property

McLane Middleton's intellectual property group works with companies to manage and execute their intellectual property strategies.

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Trial Practice and Litigation

McLane Middleton has been a leader in litigation for nearly 100 years. Our attorneys appear extensively in state and federal courts throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and are frequently retained outside of New England.

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Practice Area Members

Brian B. Garrett Photo
Brian B. Garrett
Of Counsel, Litigation Department and Chair, Education Law Practice Group
Linda S. Johnson Photo
Linda S. Johnson
Director, Litigation Department and Vice Chair of Education Law Group
David Wolowitz Photo
David Wolowitz
Of Counsel, Education Law Group
Sean S. LaPorta Photo
Sean S. LaPorta
Associate, Litigation Department
Vineesha S. Sow Photo
Vineesha S. Sow
Associate, Litigation Department
Michael A. Delaney Photo
Michael A. Delaney
Director and Chair, Litigation Department
Andrew R. Hamilton Photo
Andrew R. Hamilton
Director, Litigation Department
Peter D. Anderson Photo
Peter D. Anderson
Director, Litigation Department
Steven M. Burke Photo
Steven M. Burke
Director, Tax, Trusts & Estates, and Corporate Departments
Bruce W. Felmly Photo
Bruce W. Felmly
Director, Litigation Department
Benjamin B. Folsom Photo
Benjamin B. Folsom
Director, Litigation Department
Wilbur A. Glahn, III Photo
Wilbur A. Glahn, III
Director, Litigation Department
Scott H. Harris Photo
Scott H. Harris
Director, Litigation Department
Thomas W. Hildreth Photo
Thomas W. Hildreth
Director, Corporate Department
Shiva Karimi Photo
Shiva Karimi
Director, Corporate Department, Immigration Practice Group and Managing Director Boston Office
Barry Needleman Photo
Barry Needleman
Managing Director and Director, Administrative Law Department
Daniel J. Norris Photo
Daniel J. Norris
Director, Corporate Department
Margaret "Peg" O'Brien
Director, Litigation Department and Vice-Chair of the Employment Law Group
Jennifer L. Parent Photo
Jennifer L. Parent
Director, Litigation Department
Michael J. Quinn Photo
Michael J. Quinn
Director, Administrative Law and Litigation Departments and Managing Director Portsmouth Office
John E. Rich, Jr. Photo
John E. Rich, Jr.
Director & Chair of the Tax Department
Richard A. Samuels Photo
Richard A. Samuels
Director, Corporate Department
Cameron G. Shilling Photo
Cameron G. Shilling
Director, Litigation Department & Chair of Cybersecurity and Privacy Group
Mark A. Wright Photo
Mark A. Wright
Director and Chair of Intellectual Property Practice Group
William V.A. Zorn Photo
William V.A. Zorn
Director and Vice Chair, Trusts & Estates Department
Gena Lavallee Photo
Gena Lavallee
Of Counsel, Corporate Department
Connor W. Harding Photo
Connor W. Harding
Associate, Litigation Department
Stephanie J. Lee Photo
Stephanie J. Lee
Associate, Corporate Department
Amanda E. Quinlan Photo
Amanda E. Quinlan
Associate, Litigation Department
Andrea J. (Schweitzer) Poole Photo
Andrea J. (Schweitzer) Poole
Associate, Litigation Department