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McLane Middleton’s Trust Services Group provides comprehensive administration services for your trust, which are managed with careful attention to the needs of beneficiaries and the vision of each grantor in accordance with the trust document.

Why Locate Your Trust in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a premier location for establishing and administering trusts because of its advantageous trust laws and tax structure. Our progressive trust code, designed to maintain and enhance New Hampshire’s advantages for the siting of trusts, is one of the primary reasons individuals and families from all over the world choose New Hampshire as the location for their trusts.

These are among the many attractive features of New Hampshire’s trust laws:

  • Robust protection of trust assets from the claims of creditors
  • Multi-generational Dynasty Trusts
  • No state income or capital gains taxes (except for Grantor Trusts).
  • Self-Settled “asset protection” Trusts
  • Ability to create Directed/Divided Trust architecture, separating trustee roles
  • Ability to modify trusts through decanting
  • Exemption of Private Family Trust companies from registration and regulation

The articles, “Why the Granite State Rocks at Trust Administration (2016),” and “Why the Granite State Still Rocks at Trust Administration (2020),” discuss the continuing evolution of our trust law and why New Hampshire is still the premier location for establishing and administering trusts.

In addition, a podcast for the Boston Business Journal, Steve Burke and Patrick Collins, discuss New Hampshire trust laws, and how Massachusetts residents can take advantage of them. Click here to listen.

Our Services:

We work with grantors and beneficiaries, their fiduciary and advisors to coordinate and facilitate asset transfers, distributions, review tax documents, and provide other trust-related services. We do not manage investments, provide legal services or provide financial planning, but focus solely on trust administration, ensuring that your plan and wishes are carried out.

We work with a wide variety of grantor and non-grantor trusts, including: Self-Settled Asset Protection Trusts, Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts, Generation Skipping Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, and Charitable Trusts.

Additional services include:

  • Reviewing and executing unique asset documents and subscription agreements
  • Merging and decanting trusts
  • Providing trust reports to grantors and beneficiaries
  • Tax Reporting

Advisor Friendly:
We focus solely on unbundled “directed” and administrative trust services. We value our relationships with your financial advisor and are committed to an advisor-friendly approach.

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For additional information, contact Eric Chojnicki, Head of Trust Services.

Practice Area Members

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Eric A. Chojnicki
Head of Trust Services
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Jennifer R. Dionne
Senior Trust Officer / Manager Trust Services
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Kim E. LaCoste
Senior Trust Officer
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Joanna A. Binnie
Associate Trust Officer
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Nicole J. Herbst, JD, CTFA, CFP®
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer/Senior Trust Officer
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D. Robinson Snow
Trust Officer
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Cathleen Sullivan, CTFA
Trust Officer, Trust Services Department
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Tim B. Callahan
Trust Services Administrator
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Sarah R. Cametti
Trust Services Administrator
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Robin J. Jamiola
Trust Services Administrator
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Selma Jusufovic
Trust Services Administrator
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Autumn Secchiaroli
Trust Services Administrator
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Carol Voltz
ILIT Administrator