Employment Law I-Book Published by McLane Law Firm

Practical Employment Law Business Guide Provides Small Businesses with Instant Access to Applicable Federal and State Laws and Best Practices to Address Frequent Employment-Related Situations

Summary: McLane Law Firm Publishes Practical Employment Law Business Guide for New Hampshire Entrepreneurs. Searchable by keyword or topic, the new I-book provides instant access to applicable federal and state laws and best practices regarding employer and employee rights on matters ranging from sexual harassment to wage and hour laws to social media.

The law firm of McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton Professional Association is pleased to announce that the firm’s Employment Law Practice Group has recently published a practical guide for entrepreneurs on how to handle everyday employment-related legal matters in New Hampshire.

“Just open a newspaper on any given day, and you can see the price employers pay for making mistakes managing employment-related issues,” said Jennifer Parent, chair of McLane’s Employment Law Practice Group. “It is a rare small business owner who has been trained in employment law, so our goal is give them information that is easy to access and easy to act on, empowering them to do the right thing on the spot,” she continued.

Drawing on the experience of McLane’s top-rated employment team, the guidebook addresses employment concerns over the four stages of the business’ lifecycle. Chapter one discusses the minimum reporting and registration requirements a business owner must complete shortly after starting the business. Chapter two delves into the complexities associated with day-to-day operations of a workplace. The next chapter focuses on growing revenues, and likely headcount. With more employees, new obligations for the employer arise. Lastly, the book covers employment concerns when the business is sold or closes shop.

A search engine allows the reader the ability to scan the entire book for a key phrase or topic, to instantly access relevant information on the New Hampshire laws, and to consider some best practices relevant to their situation. It also provides the user with questions that will help determine when a situation requires the advice of trusted counsel. A glossary provides explanations of frequently used acronyms, short summaries of employment laws, and contact information for state and federal agencies that address employment situations.

“Over 96 percent of New Hampshire’s employers are small businesses, many of whom have limited access to regular, sophisticated counsel. This book puts information about the most frequently asked questions in the hands of entrepreneurs to help them make more informed workplace decisions,” says Rachel O’Neil, the book’s editor.

Rachel conceived of the idea for the guidebook after seeing employment issues unfold during her ten-year career in human resources in various New Hampshire businesses. Prior to her graduation from the University of New Hampshire School of Law in May 2013, Rachel collaborated with McLane’s Employment Law Practice Group to create this guidebook for New Hampshire’s entrepreneurial community.

“New Hampshire business owners are looking for direction as they navigate common employment issues,” says Rachel. “This ibook is a risk management tool they can use to help lessen the risks associated with managing employees.”

McLane’s Entrepreneurial Human Resources is available for download on an iPad with iBooks or on a computer with iTunes.

For more information, Jennifer Parent can be reached in McLane’s Manchester office at (603)628-1360.

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