McLane Law Firm Launches Encryption Program to Protect Sensitive Personal Data

June 29, 2009, Manchester, NH: The law firm of McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, Professional Association, with offices in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Concord, New Hampshire, as well as Woburn, Massachusetts, is pleased to announce that beginning in July, any personal data being transmitted outside of the firm via email will be encrypted for our clients’ protection.

Clients can access these messages through a secure, password-protected site, thus ensuring that communication of personal data like social security numbers and bank account information can be shared as needed without concern of identity theft.

“In order for us to serve our clients, it is often necessary to provide personal information in the course of normal correspondence to the various third parties they do business with,” explains Michael McCluskey, McLane’s Executive Director. “Today, for the sake of speed and efficiency, much of that correspondence takes place over the Internet. We need to know our personal data is secure, and investing in encryption software is an obvious step that gives us and our clients that peace of mind,” he said.

Clients will be notified with each sensitive message that is encrypted and instructed on how to log into the system and access the message.

About the McLane Law Firm

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