Cam Shilling to Present at MA Lawyers Weekly Data Security Seminar

McLane Middleton attorney Cameron G. Shilling will be presenting on “Data Security for Law Firms and Legal Departments” at a MA Lawyers Weekly seminar on June 5, 2018 in Boston.

The ​seminar ​will ​be ​an ​opportunity ​for ​attendees ​to ​learn ​about ​the ​serious ​data ​security ​vulnerabilities ​that ​lawyers ​and ​law ​firms ​face ​today, ​and ​more ​importantly, ​what ​​firms ​should ​be ​doing ​to ​become ​more ​data ​secure.

Cam is a director in McLane Middleton’s Litigation Department and chair of the firm’s Privacy and Information Security Group.  Combining his business, technology, and employment interests, Cam has developed a depth and breadth of experience in privacy and data security.  His resume includes managing numerous data security audits, preparing and implementing written security policies, training executives, managers, and employees in data security, auditing, preparing and implementing data security agreements with vendors and business associates, addressing a wide variety of day-to-day security issues, and investigating and remediating many security breaches.

Cam can be reached in the firm’s Manchester office at (603) 628-1351 or

Joining Cam for the presentation are Samuel D. Daume Jr. from Fred C. Church Insurance and Andy Obuchowski from Charles River Associates.

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