Charla Stevens to Present on Trending Topics for Restaurant Owners

McLane Middleton attorney Charla Bizios Stevens will be presenting at an upcoming Commonwealth Payroll & HR webinar on “Trending Topics for Restaurant Owners” on June 10, 2019.

Restaurants face complicated payroll & HR issues like tips and sub-minimum wage calculations, shift workers, bookkeeping in a cash economy, sexual harassment, and more.    The AG’s office is actively marketing to workers in Massachusetts to share their side of the story when it comes to violations by employers.   When just one compliance violation could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, distract you for months, and drag your restaurant name through the media gauntlet, why would you risk it? 

Charla chairs McLane Middleton’s Employment Law Practice Group.  She has extensive background addressing litigated and non-litigated employment issues such as discrimination, harassment, employee classification and wage and hour claims.  She assists employers in responding to labor audits, preparing personnel policies and minimizing risk in the hiring, discipline and termination of employees.  She conducts management and anti-harassment training and works with employers to maintain legal compliance in a cost-efficient and effective way.  Charla can be reached in the firm’s Manchester and Woburn offices at (603) 628-1363 or

Other panelists on the webinar include: Jeff Plakans from Commonwealth Payroll & HR, David Natan from Newburg & Company, and Anita Maietta from the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division.

For additional details on this webinar, click here.