Company Wide Intranet Deployed

Nashua, NH — ActiveEdge, a Nashua NH based integrated marketing firm, has recently completed work with New Hampshire’s largest law firm, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton implementing the firm’s newly developed intranet web site.

The site, slated for company wide deployment at the end of October, will allow the firm to further refine their existing practice management system by providing an online system that streamlines the daily flow of information, facilitates access to company resources, and enhances communication among departments and practices. “ActiveEdge was very helpful in designing our intranet to be as intuitive as possible for our staff” said Richard Hurlburt, Director of Information Services at McLane. “We’re confident that it will become an effective management tool that fosters collaboration and increases productivity.”

Similar to an Internet web site, an intranet site uses standard network technologies, web servers and browsers, but is restricted to internal company use by secure firewalls and internal authorization log-on. Many progressive companies, like McLane Law Firm are capitalizing on commonly used Internet protocols to develop company specific intranet sites to bring considerable value to a firm’s technical equity.

In order to develop an intranet site architecture that worked for all departments and all levels of employees, ActiveEdge worked closely with McLane to analyze the firm’s existing work flow and examine how employees interacted with each other and with information throughout the day. “We had to fully understand McLane’s business and how they managed resources” said Deepak Gursahaney, Principal and Chief Technology Officer at ActiveEdge. “Once we understood their existing paper based system, we were able to organize the intranet content in a way that accommodated the current business patterns and offered an intuitive means of navigating the intranet.”

To address future expansion, the intranet site was designed using modular components. “Building in scalability was important for McLane so they could plan for future growth” said Gursahaney. “With modular construction, the firm can continue to expand the intranet site by adding more features, functionality and content to the site.”

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