David Wolowitz to Present at TABS Annual Conference

McLane Middleton director, David Wolowitz, will be presenting at the The Association for Boarding School’s (TABS) Annual Conference on December 4 in Boston. 

David’s presentation, “Promoting a Healthy and Safe School Culture Through Values-Driven Leadership” will be to the Leadership Forum, which is limited to Heads of School, Trustees and Senior Officers.  The interactive workshop will provide attendees with a  practical approach to building a healthy school culture that promotes positive social, emotional and academic development.  David focuses on leadership functions, which are distinct from traditional management functions that are designed to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. Affirmatively shaping a school’s culture requires strong and positive leadership. David’s approach focuses on building a culture of excellence and health based on a school’s own values and unique strengths. Participants will learn how to recognize and avoid the dynamics that lead to unhealthy behaviors harmful to students and school communities. Through a scenario-based approach, this participatory workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to learn a framework and shared vocabulary for promoting positive, student-focused behaviors that are the foundation for a healthy school culture.

David is co-chair of the firm’s education law group where he advises independent schools and colleges on all aspects of risk avoidance and crisis management.  He is able to offer clients advice based on his years of substantial and varied experience in key legal areas that impact schools, including employment, mental health, contract, criminal, fiduciary, and tort law.  He is a pioneer in applying behavioral risk management concepts to promote healthy school cultures.  He can be reached in the firm’s Portsmouth office at (603) 334-6923 or david.wolowitz@mclane.com.

David’s session is open to heads, trustees, and senior officers.  For additional information, please click here.