David Wolowitz to Speak on Creating a Code of Ethical Conduct

McLane Middleton attorney David Wolowitz will be speaking at the New York State Association of Independent Schools’ “Creating a Code of Ethical Conduct for Faculty: Difficult Conversations Related to Boundary Violations” program on October 21, 2019, at the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY.

David will be facilitating the program along with Melissa Kantor from Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY and E. Quincy McLaughlin from Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As part of the presentation, the facilitators will:

  • Review behavioral guideposts for teachers and show why it’s helpful to establish a code of ethical conduct or standards;
  • Address strategies for handling common responses to behavioral feedback including defensiveness and anxiety;
  • Demonstrate documentation of concerns;
  • Present productive discussions that set clear expectations with your faculty and staff
  • Explore how to avoid common pitfalls when faculty make mistakes.

David is a director at McLane Middleton and co-chair of the firm’s Education Law Group.  He advises independent schools nationwide and internationally on all aspects of risk avoidance and crisis management.  The focus of David’s practice is the reinforcing of healthy school cultures which promote child safeguarding.  David consults with schools on both prevention of and response to all types of educator misconduct.  David is able to offer clients advice based on his years of substantial and varied experience in key legal areas that impact schools, including employment, mental health, contract, criminal, fiduciary and tort law. He is a pioneer in applying behavioral risk management concepts to promote healthy school cultures.  David can be reached in the firm’s Portsmouth office at (603) 334-6923 or david.wolowitz@mclane.com.

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