John Weaver Appointed Co-chair of the Boston Bar Association’s (BBA) Privacy, Cybersecurity & Digital Law Section

Attorney John Weaver was recently appointed Co-chair of the Boston Bar Association’s (BBA) Privacy, Cybersecurity & Digital Law section. This is a two-year term, beginning at the start of the BBA’s program year on September 1, 2023.

John is a director, member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Group, and chair of the firm’s Artificial Intelligence Practice. As a cybersecurity and privacy attorney, John divides his practice between pre-breach and post-breach representation. Before a data breach, he conducts risk assessments of clients’ privacy and information security controls, oversees remediating information security vulnerabilities and gaps in privacy regulatory compliance, and negotiates data security agreements with their customers and vendors. After a data breach, John converts “end of company” attacks to manageable events by calmly quarterbacking clients’ data security teams – cyber liability and cyber-crime insurance providers, forensic investigators, IT staff, etc. – to restore operations, evaluate legal obligations, and retain customer relationships. He is also a nationally recognized voice in the nascent field of artificial intelligence law, advising a wide range of companies – from startups to international corporations – on regulatory and legal issues unique to artificial intelligence, including best practices, acceptable use policies, consumer protection requirements, and privacy legislation. He can be reached in the firm’s Woburn office at (781) 904-2685 or