John Weaver Discusses AI ChatGPT on BBC World Service Radio

John Weaver was interviewed by Will Bain on the BBC’s World Service Radio’s World Business Report to discuss ChatGPT’s first defamation lawsuit in Australia. John also discusses the legal landscape and how to navigate AI, like ChatGPT, going forward.

Listen to the interview here:

John is the chair of the firm’s Artificial Intelligence Practice and a member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Group.  He is a nationally recognized voice in the nascent field of artificial intelligence law, advising a wide range of companies – from startups to international corporations – on regulatory and legal issues unique to artificial intelligence, including consumer protection requirements and privacy legislation. He is the author of Robots Are People Too, released by Praeger Publishing, which explores legal issues implicated by autonomous technology and artificial intelligence, and a contributing writer at Slate magazine, where his articles focus on similar issues. John is a sought after speaker on topics related to law and emerging technologies, and has been interviewed by The Atlantic, Consumer Reports, and the Boston Business Journal, among other media outlets. John can be reached in the firm’s Woburn office at (781) 904-2685 or