John Weaver to Present at MCLE Seminar on Driverless Cars

McLane Middleton attorney John Weaver will participate in a panel discussion at a Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) New England seminar called “Driverless Cars: Civil & Criminal Liability” on May 17, 2017 at the MCLE Conference Center in Boston, Massachusetts.  

As part of the discussion, the panelists will review local, state and federal efforts to regulate autonomous cars, including the model regulatory system envisioned by the federal government to divide regulation between states and Washington. The program will also provide an overview of relevant international treaties that could affect self-driving cars in the United States, including the 1949 Geneva and 1968 Vienna Conventions of Road Traffic, and international regulatory efforts to create some uniformity in the technology from country to country.

John is a member of the firm’s corporate and real estate practice groups. He has a diverse practice that focuses on land use, real estate, telecommunications, and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, and drones.  

As an emerging technologies lawyer, John has advised a wide range of companies – from startups to international corporations – on regulatory and legal issues unique to those technologies, including data privacy concerns, regulations governing drones, state legislation affecting self-driving cars, and the impact of autonomous devices and programs on user and employment agreements.

John is the author of “Robots Are People Too,” released by Praeger Publishing, which explores legal issues implicated by autonomous technology and artificial intelligence, and a contributing writer at Slate magazine, where his articles focus on similar issues. John is also a sought after speaker on topics related to law and emerging technologies, and has been interviewed by The Atlantic, the Washington Post, and the Boston Business Journal, among other media outlets.

John can be reached in the firm’s Woburn office at (781) 904-2685 or

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