Local Lawyers React to President’s Immigration Address

Message to Business Owners and Residents Alike: Change is Coming

May 16, 2006, MANCHESTER, NH— President George W. Bush’s televised address concerning immigration policy attempts to address this hot-button issue by accommodating divergent interests, say the lawyers who comprise the Immigration Law Practice Group at McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton.

“Everyone’s talking about immigration these days, even if they’re saying different things,” says Tom Hildreth, a Manchester lawyer and Chair of the group. “The only thing we can reasonably predict is that there will be real, substantive changes in immigration law and enforcement in the near future,” Hildreth added.

Attorney Ron Abramson pointed out that while the President’s proposal to fortify the U.S.’s southern border may not affect New Englanders directly, the notion of a “guest worker” or “earned citizenship” program will undoubtedly affect many current residents in the region, as well as having clear consequences for many businesses who rely on foreign labor in an ever-tightening labor market.

“Allowing those who make up an important – although legally unrecognized – segment of our communities and workforce to earn a lawful place in society will benefit everyone,” says Abramson.

Attorney Kermit Zerr advises all those interested to pay close attention to upcoming Congressional proposals for addressing the immigration issue, and to maintain open lines of communication with their elected representatives.

“There is plenty of room in a healthy democracy for a vigorous debate, whether about immigration or other pressing issues of the days,” says Zerr. “If people decide to work together, we can certainly find a way to secure our borders while preserving America’s longstanding tradition of welcoming hard-working people in pursuit of a better, freer life,” Zerr added.

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