McLane Law Firm Attorney John Weaver to Participate in Huffington Post Roundtable on Human Relationships with Artificial Intelligence

The McLane Law Firm is pleased to announce that John Weaver will contribute to a Huffington Post roundtable discussion at 4pm today on the relationship between humans and increasingly, yet artificially, intelligent robots. The live stream can be heard at 4pm (EST) at

John regularly writes and speaks about issues related to the intersection between artificial intelligence and the law. He is the author of “Robots are People Too: How Siri, Google Car, and Artificial Intelligence Will Force Us to Change Our Laws” and a contributor to Slate’s “Future Tense” section.

John has a diverse practice at the McLane Law Firm that focuses on land use, real estate, commercial lending, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and education law. He is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and can be reached at McLane’s Manchester office at (603)628-1442 or via email at

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