McLane Law Firm Changing Its Name to McLane Middleton

Name Change Reconciles the Firm’s Legal Identity and “Brand Name” as Well as Its Internal and External Focus.

As the firm approaches a century in legal practice, the law firm of McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton Professional Association is changing its legal name to McLane Middleton, Professional Association.

Cathy Schmidt , Executive Director and  CEO of the firm, explains that a number of factors went into the decision, including client expectations, geographic expansion, and firm legacy. 

Law firms that traditionally listed a number of key partners in their legal names have increasingly found over the years that people tend to change them to a shorter name. 

“Our clients were simply referring to us as ‘McLane,’” said Schmidt.

In New Hampshire, where the firm stood as a pillar of the business and legal community for almost a century, this single-name shorthand was fine.  However, the firm’s significant growth upon expansion into the Massachusetts market in 2008 warranted a top-to-bottom review of the firm’s brand across the markets it serves.

Susan de Mari, Director of Marketing explained the findings. “During this brand discovery  process, it became evident that the lawyers and professionals of the firm have a common focus on excellence and service.  Our firm, is rated Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell – the highest rating a firm can achieve. For nearly 100 years, these attributes have been clearly defined internally, and we wanted our public image to consistently reflect these values,” she said.

McLane Middleton is not the result of a merger or change in management.  Rather the new name reflects McLane’s history along with firm president Jack Middleton’s service to the legal profession and community as a whole.  Changing the firm’s name to McLane Middleton conveys equal parts excellence and service and positions the firm for continued success.  

“Our legacy was built by many excellent lawyers including Kenneth Graf, Bob Raulerson, and John Graf and this change does not diminish their contributions.,” said Dick Samuels, Managing Director.  “Our commitment to service is driven by all of the Directors of the firm, including our president, Jack Middleton.”

“The name McLane Middleton reminds every lawyer and professional team member who represents the firm of the utmost importance we put on being of service to all,” said CEO Schmidt.  “The change to McLane Middleton is designed to position the firm for the next 100 years offering legal services to the community.”


About McLane Middleton, Professional Association

Founded in 1919, McLane Middleton, Professional Association is one of New England’s premier full-service law firms with offices in Manchester, Concord and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Route 128 Trade Center in Woburn, Massachusetts. Driven by the firm’s depth of sophisticated legal expertise and an unwavering commitment to client service, McLane Middleton has built collaborative and lasting relationships with a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients.