Susan Schorr to Present at Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent

McLane Middleton attorney Susan E. Schorr will be conducting a seminar, “Word Against Word: An Insider’s Look at How an Investigator Figures Out What Happened” at Georgetown Day School’s Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent on November 18, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

In this session, Susan will  review case law on sexual assault and consent and then offer insights into what an investigation at the high school level looks like: how do investigators assess credibility, for example, in a context when it is usually word against word? She will review examples of when an investigation resulted in findings for the reporting party, for the accused party, and when an investigation is inconclusive.

Susan is Of Counsel at McLane Middleton.  She finds solutions to legal questions and challenges faced by independent schools and social service organizations, and manages investigations when serious misconduct is alleged.  Grounded in thorough legal analysis, she offers practical advice and responsiveness.  With a background as a social worker and current trustee of several non-profit organizations herself, Susan approaches client challenges in a holistic and detail-oriented manner.

Susan can be reached in the firm’s Boston office at (857) 305-1960 or

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