Cameron Shilling Named a Northeast Trailblazer by The American Lawyer

McLane Middleton attorney Cameron G. Shilling was named to The American Lawyer’s 2022 Northeast Trailblazers list for his visionary work in the field of cybersecurity law.

Attorneys are recognized in this publication because they have been identified as “agents of change.”  The following provides additional information about why Cameron was selected as a Trailblazer:

What was the genesis of the idea/path that has made you a trailblazer?

“These computer problems are here to stay.”  That is the realization I had in 2006 after navigating a business through an event that we now call a breach.  That realization evolved into a strategic vision.  The idea was to educate businesses about these risks, and assist them to implement safeguards to avoid breach.  While that may seem obvious now, the challenge at the time was that the concept of cybersecurity didn’t exist, particularly as we know it today.  As a result, we had to invent an entirely new practice area – cybersecurity law.

What sort of change has resulted from the concept?

Experience and insight coalesced over time into a regime that we use to help businesses address cybersecurity.  We found success by partnering closely with outside technology experts as well as the IT and business leaders of all parts of an organization and applying that regime to asses cyber risk, remediate vulnerabilities, implement policy and train workforces.  The ultimate goal is to operationalize this function.  So, just like finance or engineering, cybersecurity becomes a central and routine aspect of every business.

What bearing will this have on the future?

Cyber risk is definitely here to stay.  Some businesses addressed this challenge earnestly, though many still need to commit to doing so.  Criminals are creative and organized, and nation states actors are ever more dangerous.  The safety of our society and sanctity of our personal lives and information depend on the cybersecurity of our businesses and governments.  As attorneys, we have a key role to play in that process.  I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to be one of the trailblazers in this pioneering area of law.

Cameron is a director at McLane Middleton and chair of the firm’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Group.  Combining his business, technology and employment interests, he has developed a depth and breadth of experience in privacy and data security. His résumé includes managing numerous data security audits, preparing and implementing written security policies, training executives, managers, and employees in data security, auditing, preparing and implementing data security agreements with vendors and business associates, addressing a wide variety of day-to-day security issues, and investigating and remediating many security breaches.

Cameron can be reached at (603) 628-1351 or

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