Linda Johnson, David Wolowitz, Cameron Shilling and Susan Schorr to Present at TABS Annual Conference

McLane Middleton attorneys Linda S. Johnson, David Wolowitz, Cameron G. Shilling, and Susan E. Schorr will be presenting at The Association of Boarding Schools’ (TABS) 2018 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Linda Johnson will be presenting “High Stakes Athletics: Managing the Expectations of Student Athletes and Their Parents” with co-presenter Peter Saliba, Head of School for Tilton School on November 30, 2018.  Session Description: We’ve all heard it before: my son, or daughter, is a college prospect. Increasingly students and parents are faulting coaches and schools when college opportunities including scholarships or acceptances don’t materialize the way they had hoped. Claims of breach of contract, coach malfeasance, lack of playing time, favoritism and even bullying and harassment can arise. Learn strategies to help set realistic expectations and provide coaches with the tools they need to help manage the frontline.

Linda is a director at McLane Middleton and has over 30 years of experience litigating cases in state and federal agencies and courts, and in representing the interests of management in all aspects of labor and employment law.  She is co-chair of the firm’s Education Law Group and focuses her practice on understanding and serving the needs of independent and boarding schools.  Linda can be reached in the firm’s Manchester office at (603) 628-1267 or

David Wolowitz’s seminar, “Administration and Board Collaboration When Dealing with a Crisis” includes Aimeclaire Roche, Director for Cranbrook Schools as co-presenter, and will take place on December 1, 2018.  Session Description: The difference between success or failure when an independent school deals with a crisis may be determined by the ability of the administration and board to work collaboratively. The greater the crisis, the greater the stress will be on the relationship. Prior to a crisis, it is critical that administrators and board members reach agreement on key organizational dynamics to facilitate decision-making: respective roles; guiding principles; and information sharing. This workshop will address all three.

David is a director at McLane Middleton and co-chair of the firm’s Education Law Group.  He advises independent schools nationwide and internationally on all aspects of risk avoidance and crisis management.  David is able to offer clients advice based on his years of substantial and varied experience in key legal areas that impact schools, including employment, mental health, contract, criminal, fiduciary and tort law. He is a pioneer in applying behavioral risk management concepts to promote healthy school cultures.  David can be reached in the firm’s Portsmouth office at (603) 334-6923 or

Cameron Shilling will be presenting at two sessions during the event – “Information Privacy and Security: Compliance and Coverage” and “Information Privacy and Security: Practical and Timely” – both on December 1, 2018.

His first session will be co-presented by Ryan Bennett, Technology Director at Peddie School; Lisa Braiterman, Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Brewster Academy; and Jeffrey Olsen, Senior Vice President at Fred C. Church.  Session Description: In recent years there has been an explosive growth in the amount of data created, transmitted, and stored. Many federal, state, and now international laws impose significant obligations on independent schools regarding the privacy and security of personal data. Discover the risks and responsibilities that personal data can pose for schools, and what the heads and senior management of schools need to do to properly address those matters. This presentation will include a practical review of the domestic and foreign laws governing privacy and data security, including the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation or GDPR, as well as appropriate cyber liability and crime insurance coverage. Understand the steps that heads and senior management should take to identify and mitigate risks and avoid a data-security breach. For interested participants, this session will be followed immediately by a second session addressing more detailed privacy and security techniques.

Cam’s second session will be co-presented by Ryan Bennett, Technology Director at Peddie School.  Session Description: Becoming information privacy and security compliant and safe can be a daunting and complex task for independent schools. We will unravel that complexity through an interactive discussion of the critical, nitty gritty details of this process. For example, this topic will address the most common vulnerabilities that schools are facing – such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, mobile device management applications, physical and infrastructure security, and vendor management – as well as effective and creative ways to address and remediate these issues. This topic also will address the most common attacks – including phishing/vishing, social engineering, financial crime, and ransomware attacks – and the steps that schools can and should take to avoid becoming a cyber-victim.

Cam is a director in McLane Middleton’s Litigation Department and chair of the firm’s Privacy and Information Security Group.  Combining his business, technology, and employment interests, Cam has developed a depth and breadth of experience in privacy and data security.  His resume includes managing numerous data security audits, preparing and implementing written security policies, training executives, managers, and employees in data security, auditing, preparing and implementing data security agreements with vendors and business associates, addressing a wide variety of day-to-day security issues, and investigating and remediating many security breaches.  Cam can be reached in the firm’s Manchester office at (603) 628-1351 or

Susan Schorr will be conducting a seminar, “Call Me By My Name: Gender Identity and Evolving Dynamics on Campus,” with co-presenter Brooks Johnson, Dean of Students for Dublin School on November 30, 2018.  Session Description: Independent schools have increased their understanding of how to support students and employees with a variety of gender identities. Yet, attitudes based on traditional notions of gender persist. While many boarding schools many not have established gender neutral dorms, schools still need to address requests to be more inclusive and respectful. From calling out misused pronouns and terminology to understanding what non-discrimination laws require, this presentation will help schools walk the talk.

Susan is Of Counsel at McLane Middleton.  She finds solutions to legal questions and challenges faced by independent schools and social service organizations, and manages investigations when serious misconduct is alleged.  Grounded in thorough legal analysis, she offers practical advice and responsiveness.  With a background as a social worker and current trustee of several non-profit organizations herself, Susan approaches client challenges in a holistic and detail-oriented manner.  Susan can be reached in the firm’s Boston office at (857) 305-1960 or

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