Linda Johnson and Brian Garrett To Present Top Ten Legal Issues – Emerging From the Pandemic

McLane Middleton attorneys Linda S. Johnson and Brian B. Garrett will be presenting at the National Association of Independent Schools’ “Trend Report: Emerging From the Pandemic – Top Ten Legal Issues” webinar on April 5, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

In this Trend Report, Linda and Brian will examine the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted independent school life. The session will focus on the top ten legal trends attorneys have seen as independent schools emerge from the pandemic. Topics will include the following: foundational documents before, during, and after COVID-19; parental complaints and community unrest; responding to and accommodating student mental health issues; approaches to COVID-19 vaccination; handling reductions in force and other employment shifts; and more. McLane Middleton will use case studies to illustrate the shifting landscape and to facilitate discussion regarding practical solutions.

Linda is Chair of McLane Middleton’s Education Law Group and focuses her practice on understanding and serving the needs of K-12 independent schools.  She serves as outside legal counsel and a consultant to many of the country’s top independent day and boarding schools. Linda advises her clients on all aspects of school operations including employment law, student discipline, contracts, fiduciary and tort law, leadership development, investigations, compliance audits, risk management, crisis response, and student safety.  She consults with schools on both prevention and response to all types of educator misconduct and student on student sexual assaults.  Linda helps to guide schools to “do the right thing, the right way.”  She can be reached at (603) 628-1267 or

Brian is Vice Chair of McLane Middleton’s Education Law Group and has extensive experience in a broad range of education, employment, and complex commercial litigation matters throughout the country, including in state and federal courts, in alternative resolution processes, and before various administrative agencies.  Brian focuses his practice on understanding and serving the needs of independent day and boarding schools, colleges and universities, and early child care programs. Brian partners with many of the country’s leading independent schools to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of school operations, including establishing new schools, student and parent issues, employment matters, school governance and leadership, and general risk management. He works closely with board chairs, heads of schools, financial officers, and other senior leadership members in tackling complex matters affecting school communities.  He can be reached at (603) 334-6394 or

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