Everything is Not Terminator: AI Today is the Wireless Industry in the 1990s

Headshot - John Weaver
John F. Weaver
Director, Corporate Department and Chair, Real Estate Practice Group and Chair, Artificial Intelligence Practice
Published: Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law
December 15, 2017

I frequently joke that I have two practices: really old law (dirt, real estate) and really new law (artificial intelligence and other forms of emerging technology).

The primary area where these two practices overlap is the Internet of Things (“IoT”) and wireless infrastructure, where clients acquire properties for wireless communications facilities, i.e., antennas, and obtain the necessary permitting for those facilities. Expanding existing wireless networks in anticipation of 5G and the billions of expected IoT devices is a tremendous challenge, but similar in many ways to the one the wireless industry first encountered in the 1990s, when the consumer cell phone market began to register broadly in public consciousness.

Working in both the artificial intelligence (“AI”) and wireless telecommunications legal fields, it is hard not to draw parallels between the wireless sector in the 1990s and the AI sector today.

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